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Style Magazine Brisbane’s Best....

So recently I was asked why wasn’t I in the below magazines, best of?

This magazine does approx 4 best of’s in a year for hairsalons etc. these include: best blonde salon, best colourist salon, best hair salon, best balayage salon, best hairdressers and so on.

I said hmm don’t know, so I asked them. Guess what! You have to pay to be a “best of” 😂 you have to pay to be “voted” to be best of!

And to make matters worse, these salons are advertising that they have been voted to be best of (which to me is false advertising as they haven’t been voted for they have paid for it ). 

To be honest I’d rather spend my money on google, than to pay to be “best of” to make people think I’m great, I think that deceptive.

So if these salons are paying to best of, are they paying for their 5 star/always great reviews? Hopefully this will give you something to think about when looking for a salon.

Ohh our genuine reviews are on our website, that’s why we don’t have many google reviews and don’t have any Facebook reviews. Our reviews come from clients that have visited the salon, once they have had a service, they get an automated email to do a survey and it gets published on our website. 💐

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