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Why do we use and sell Devacurl? What do we think of Devacurl

Why do we use and sell Devacurl?

When Steve first started researching and becoming a curly hair salon, Steve found out about Ouidad (loved their belief about curly hair), but Ouidad wasn't available over here in Australia. Steve then came across Devacurl (again loved their belief's about curly hair) and wanted to use and have both ranges as most people were using them over in the USA and UK and were great for curlies with choices in the brands, but again not available over here in Australia.

In Jan 2020 a hair supplier in Australia started sourcing and made available Ouidad (which Steve loves) but unfortunately it was only a limited number of products (about 8 out of their complete range). 

November of 2021 another hair supplier started sourcing Devacurl and pretty much their WHOLE Range!! Steve had to have it, to try and play with.

Now you're probably thinking but what about the Devacurl Controversy? So if you haven't heard about the controversy there is a Class action lawsuit in the USA against Devacurl about Devacurl Shampoo and Conditioner causing hair loss (Click here )

Most of what I've Researched from the lawsuit is that it is mainly their No Poo Cleanser & No Poo Conditioner. I have researched their ingredients of these products and the ingredients are in alot of other products and brands. So why could the hair loss be happening? Well it could be the ingredients, it could the concentration of the ingredients, it could be user error and ingredients (for no poo products: products that do not foam at all, you must still use it like a normal shampoo, you must still scrub your scalp, you must add water gently to move the product around and help it distribute on your scalp and you must rinse extremely well), it could also be a reaction to an ingredient, I am not dismissing what has happened to the people that have used Devacurl and it caused them grief. It just could be alot of things. But since that first happened, Henkel which owns Schwarzkopf (plus many other hair company brands) in 2019/2020 purchased Devacurl, they have had over 100 years experience with hair care and therefore in late 2021 they reformulated and repackaged Devacurl (now Devacurl 3.0) to make it even better than what it was. 

Styling products I don't think and believe could cause it as styling products are designed to yes moisturise the hair but more wrap around the hair shaft and styling products should never be applied on to the scalp.

I have used Devacurl for approx 3 weeks at time of writing this in late 2021 and I am LOVING them. They don't go crunchy at all. When correct amount is used you shouldn't feel any product in your hair. 

I personally highly recommend the Devacurl Styling products (and the low poo cleansers and retrospective conditioners and treatments), without any hesitation.

thanks for reading.

Steve (Owner of Harlequin Hair).

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