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Afro Comb/ Afro Pick - Harlequin Hair

Afro Comb/ Afro Pick

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Afro piks are a staple in the black hair community, and we’re not just talking about your dad’s legendary collection from his high school days. Long before popular piks had a black fist, they were used in ancient pre-dynastic Egypt.

Since then, piks have changed very little. There’s still no better tool for adding volume to kinky hair but it’s important to know your way around this little game changer. The wrong tool or technique can cause serious breakage and possibly abrasions on your scalp.

  • Metal piks may look like a path to certain breakage, but when used properly they are an absolute godsend, especially for thicker hair and tight curl patterns. To get more volume in your twist-out simply part your hair and slide in a metal pik. After a few short strokes (into your roots only), move on to the next section. Use care and control to avoid scratching your scalp. For added protection, try dipping your Afro pik into a little coconut oil.

you can also use these to create volume while hair is setting by sliding them in at the roots of curls. Once curls are dry, then simply slide the out.