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Everescents Essential Oils 10ml - Harlequin Hair
Everescents Essential Oils 10ml - Harlequin Hair
Everescents Essential Oils 10ml - Harlequin Hair
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Everescents Essential Oils and Oil Packs

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Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil provides a woody, musky aroma and is used in aromatherapy to boost feelings of support, clarity and renewed energy. The Oil can be used in massage to soothe sore muscles and joints and may also help to relieve tension. It is reputed to soothe and nourish the skin and may alleviate inflammation. Cinnamon shampoo varieties may also improve dry scalp or dandruff, as well as enhancing hair growth.
The Oil of Harmony
Positive Properties:
 Self-acceptance, harmony, intimacy
Blends well with: Pink Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli Essential Oils
Cinnamon Essential Oil is extracted from the leaves of the ‘True Cinnamon’ tree –– botanical names: Cinnamomum zeylanicum or Cinnamomum vervun –– and is distilled from either the bark or the leaves. Cinnamon is one of the world’s oldest spices. In Middle-Ages Europe, it was a symbol of affluence and status, as only the upper class could afford stashes. Extraction Method Steam Distillation
Patchouli Essential Oil has a grounding and balancing effect on our emotions and nervous system. This oil can be used to ease stress and anxiety and promote calm, harmony and tranquillity. Patchouli Oil may also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and imperfections while rejuvenating and revitalising the skin. It is likewise used in haircare as its antiseptic properties may be beneficial for mild scalp conditions.
The Oil of Physicality
Positive Properties: Grounding, contentment, balance, stability, presence, calm
Blends well with: Bergamot, Geranium and Lavender Essential Oils
The leaves of the bushy herb –– botanical name: Pogostemon cablin –– were originally cultivated in the East, where their aroma protected items (such as fabric) from insects. At the time it emerged, patchouli was also used to soothe dry skin and flaky scalp. Extraction Method Steam Distillation
 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is popular for its nourishing effects. It is a common ingredient in skincare and haircare products due to its potential to regulate oil production and encourage skin and hair regeneration. Ylang Ylang Oil offers balancing, calming and soothing properties and may even improve libido.
The Oil of the Inner Child
Positive Properties – Freedom, playfulness, intuition, joy, acceptance
Blends well with: Bergamot, Lemongrass, Cinnamon Leaf and Lime Essential Oils
The name ‘Ylang Ylang’ means ‘wilderness’, a tribute to the expansive tropical rainforests in which the ylang ylang tree –– botanical name: Cananga odorata –– is found. The Essential Oil is distilled from the star-shaped flowers growing on this tree and has been an important feature of aromatherapy for centuries. Extraction Method Water Distillation
Diffusion: add a few drops to your diffuser for a calm and uplifting scent.
Topical: dilute with a carrier oil (almond, coconut, jojoba) before applying to skin.
Other: add a few drops to a washcloth and pop in the clothes dryer with garments/items. Add a few drops to an epsom salt bath. Incorporate in a steam facial.  Pop 1–2 drops onto your pillowcase, or to soles of feet before bed, to enhance sleep quality. Add to water for a spray-bottle solution suitable for diffusing in areas that require a freshen-up.
Add a few drops to EverEscents fragrance-free shampoo, conditioner or treatment.

Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30°C. Not for internal use. For aromatic or topical use. Avoid sunlight for 12-24 hours after topical use due to increased sensitivity to sunlight.
 “This statement has not been reviewed or approved by The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or any other regulatory body. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease or illness”.