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WetBrush Gift Packs - Harlequin Hair
WetBrush Gift Packs - Harlequin Hair

WetBrush Gift Packs

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Detangle and Dry Kit

Calling all hair types! Detangle, prep and pamper wet hair with WetBrush Pro Detangle and Dry Kit. The ultimate shower-to-styling kit for tangle-free hair. Use the Pro Detangling Comb to easily distribute conditioners and treatments through wet strands. The deluxe microfiber towel dries hair without hurting it. Brush out any tangle with the Pro Detangler, and say hello to healthy looking hair!


  • Pro Detangling Comb: Easily distributes conditioners and treatments
  • Pro Detangler: Brushes with less effort, pain, and breakage
  • Microfiber hair turban towel quickly absorbs excess water and reduces frizz


Original Detangler + Shower Cap

How you brush your hair is the key to strong and healthy hair and the single most over-looked step in hair care. Hair is the weakest when wet and pulling it can snap it like a rubber band. The WetBrush Original Detangler protects hair and doesn’t snag: it gently loosens knots without pulling or breaking hair. With the WetBrush Style Saving Kit Pink, you can protect your blow-dry too. Luxuriously made from a moisture-proof fabric, it extends your style by protecting hair from moisture. Double the protection and ditch the disasters.


  • Kit includes: Original Detangler & Shower Cap
  • Exclusive, ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles glide through tangles with ease
  • Minimises pain, split ends and breakage
  • Let’s you brush with less force
  • Works wonders on all hair types
  • Suitable for extensions and wigs
  • Ideal for use on wet or dry hair
  • Shower Cap: protects hair from water to extend your blow-dry or protect your curls.