Welcome to our Salon that is dedicated to Curls! We are a full service curly hair salon in Moorooka, near Brisbane. We sell & ship products all over Australia.

Appointment Information. Cancellation/Refund Policy......And More.

When you book an appointment with us, the time allocated for your appointment is reserved especially for you. We guarantee you this time and assign a fully qualified and highly experienced professional to take care of your needs.

As a client, when booking an appointment, you will be required to pay a non-refundable Booking Fee (Booking Fee).

Your non-refundable booking fee is NOT an extra charge, it’s simply held against your booking as a credit towards that appointment and taken off your final bill.

Please be aware that the only way you would ever lose your booking fee is if you cancel your appointment within 24hrs, don’t show up for your appointment, do not reply to your confirmation sms/email 10hrs before your appointment & we cancel your non-reply or are so late for your scheduled appointment that we have no choice but to reschedule.

If for some reason we (Harlequin Hair) need to reschedule or cancel your appointment then a refund will be given if you decide to cancel your appointment otherwise your deposit will be transferred to your next appointment.

If we do not receive a confirmation reply from you within 8hrs before your appointment, we will unfortunately cancel your appointment, this is so we can try to fill that spot.

Our confirmations are sent at least 2 days/48hrs prior to your appointment and then sent again if no reply 1day/12hrs prior. If we do not receive a reply we will regard this as you are cancelling your appointment and if you have paid a deposit the above will apply.


Refunds For Service/s:

1: A refund will only be given (as per ACCC) if Harlequin Hair has been given the opportunity to: a) client has come back in to the salon for Harlequin Hair to see the hair in person. b) given the opportunity to fix/redo your hair. c) client has not gone to another salon to "fix" what Harlequin Hair has done. d) contacted us with-in 2 weeks of your appointment.

Refunds for Service/s are at the discretion of Harlequin Hair.



Please note all prices are "FROM" and is an indication to be used as a guide only. Prices are dependant on time & product used. Prices may change without notice due to the salon evolving and changing to clients needs.

 All our services that include basin work (shampoo, hydrate, conditoner etc) the price includes a dry, in saying this if you prefer us not to dry your hair a reduction in price/discount will apply, this also applies to our packages.

All our foiling service prices, automatically include a toner, again in saying this if you do not require a toner, a reduction in price/discount will apply, this also applies to our packages.

In Salon Payment Options: