Welcome to our Salon that is dedicated to Curls! We are a full service curly hair salon in Moorooka, near Brisbane. We sell & ship products to Australian addresses only. To make an appointment it is best to book online via our book online page.

FACQ’s For Services

Welcome to Frequently Asked Curly Questions.

1) Why is it after a curly cut and my hair is wet, one side is longer than the other?

This is due to when we cut, we cut your curls dry, so it could be that your curls on one side are tighter than the other or looser on one side. But hopefully when your curls are dry they are pretty even.

2) How should my hair be when I come in for a curly cut?

Our main requirement is that your hair is down and isn’t or has been in a hair tie. This is so we can see your natural hair fall and curls. Your hair can be "dirty" doesn't have to be very clean but please be aware it shouldn't be extremely dirty that its hard to touch your hair.

Product in your hair is fine as well unless your having hair colouring, if you are colouring your hair, it is best that your hair is clean and no products in your hair (no gel, no leave in conditioner or root touch up sprays/creams etc). This is due to our colour range is very low or has no ammonia in the formula and this creates a barrier for the colour to penetrate. If you do come in with product (especially the root touch up colours) we cannot guarantee your colour result.

3) What hair colour brand/s do you use?

We use mainly Goldwell for our colours. Nectaya (91% natural) & Colorance all ammonia free. Lightening is Silk Lift and it has a ammonia free product and some with ammonia. We also use the Goldwell TopChic Range (has ammonia in it, but is much lower in ammonia than most brands). For more info www.goldwell.com.au

We also use L’Oréal Professionnel INOA Supreme colour line; it’s 60% Oil and is ammonia free. (visit www.lorealprofessionnel.com.au for more information).

4) Why do you use Ouidad? Its not Curly Girl Approved!

We also use Ouidad (pronounced Wee-dad) because even though we know the Curly Girl Method there are other methods out there. Plus before there was the Curly Girl Method & Deva Curl (1994); 10 years before that, there was the Ouidad Method and Ouidad Products (1984)!

That's right Ouidad was around way before Curly Girl Method and Deva Curl! Ouidad in some of their products use water soluble or shampoo'able out silicones as they believe in shampooing in moderation & co-washing in moderation and they believe some hair actually needs some form of silicone to help control their curls.

5) Should I just Co-wash?

We believe in doing what is right for you and your hair/scalp. In saying that we also believe that the scalp and hair need to be properly cleansed now and then. Whether you cleanse once a week or fortnight or month, hair is porous and will suck up products and oil etc and co washing just won't remove them and the curls will lose their shape, go flat, scalp problems etc.

But you have to do what is right for you and your hair!

 6) Do you guys shampoo after a hair colour?

Yes we do; If the brand manufacturer requires us to (as we must follow the manufacturer's instructions for legal reasons). 

The reason you need to shampoo after a colour service is one of a few reasons: a) remove excess colour from the hair shaft to allow conditioner/treatments to penetrate b) stop the colour from oxidising longer than it should (keep processing) which will prevent fading later on and create less or no damage to the hair c) remove excess colour from the scalp d) remove colour from the hair to allow the toner to penetrate.

If it is required we usually do one of the manufacturers shampoo and then one that is Curly Girl Approved.

I believe this is required for all Professional (Hair Salon) Brands and is required by the manufacturer for legal reasons as well.

 7) Is a curly cut good if you straighten your hair now and then?

a) Yes & No. But mainly No. Why? Due to us cutting with the curl. When we cut, we don't stretch the curl out and cut it like its straight. We don't manipulate the curl. So if you straighten your curls dead straight it will look chunky, as it is cut with the curl.

Yes if you put a little curl in the ends of your hair when you straighten it. 

 8) Do you colour Children's hair?

a) if your child is under the age of 16, we do not colour under the age of 16. This is a requirement of our colour company. This is due to many factors for example: hormones; teenagers & children under the age of 16 are going through hormonal changes and hormones do/may effect colour and could have a tendency of creating an allergic reaction in children and teenagers.


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