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What has been happening so far......

Hi everyone.

I'm sitting here after a very long week in the salon, I can definitely tell that it's coming up to Christmas very soon, it's just been very busy with orders and in the salon with our curly clients. I have just shaved one of the dogs that I live with (he is a Shitzu x Maltese and also live with a Boxer) they are the ones in the photo. It's been very hot up here in Brisbane, so after shaving him, feeling very tired again.

As you maybe aware (or may not be) we have added a few new products and ranges to our expansive range of curly products.

We have now available Wetbrush Scalp Massage/exfoliating brush (this is such a cool tool to use on scalp, it even has a section where you put your shampoo in), we have the full range of Devacurl products (2.0 range please see my other blog as to why we stock and use devacurl) which I must admit I (Steve) do really love as there is no cruchiness to any of the products, they feel nice and light and not heavy at all (unless its not designed for your hair/curl type), I can see why it's one of the most popular brands in the USA/UK etc.

We have in stock the Everescents Christmas packs, this year not only do they have the Trio packs (normal retail size), but they also have a new limited edition size of 450ml Shampoo & Conditioner pack size.

Clever Curl also have their Christmas packs available including the new Fragrance Free. All packs are only while stocks last.

We also have the Curly World Products this is the 2nd Brand developed by Lorraine Massey. The gel (Leave in Lover) is also light and not crunchy at all. The with or with hue is a great product for Blondes and naturally white/grey curlies.

If there is a range that you are after but can't find or source, please let us know as we may-

be interested in stocking that brand. 

If have reached out to Boucleme but they weren't interested in another stockist in Australia (this was the beginning of the year). I have tried multiple times via email to stock Kinky Kurly (emailed them over 6 times in a month and harassed them on social), but unfortunately they do not reply to emails (very bad for business to not reply to emails or to be hard to contact). 

Our trading hours this year have been posted on our Social Media's (the days we are closed will also mean those days there will be no posting of orders), but on the days we are open orders will be processed and posted.

To keep up to date also keep an eye on our social's.

I think that is it, also if a product is out of stock online, please also email us as we may have just run out of time to update the quantities.

Thanking you for your time and your custom :-)

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