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Collection: Malibu C Australia CG Approved

Meet Malibu C

You may have noticed we do things a little differently at Malibu Wellness, the parent company of Malibu C. Our core strength is the dedication of our employees. From idea to creation to customer, our employees lead the way and own their work every step of the way.

As an ESOP, we see things from a different perspective, which creates a positive rippling effect from production to customer satisfaction. We don’t just work here, we're stakeholders!

As pioneers of wellness solutions in the beauty industry since 1985, the mission statement of Malibu Wellness is tried and true: to solve problems for every human being using nature-inspired, patented technologies. Malibu C is a professional haircare brand based in science, not marketing hype.

Our collection centers around a selection of customized Wellness Hair Care Remedies which are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, made in the United States, and formulated without gluten, parabens, sulfates, or preservatives. These patented Wellness Remedies feature Malibu C’s nature-inspired formula, which includes the purest, most potent form of crystallized ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The user (YOU!) freshly activates the crystalized vitamin complex for optimum results and benefits.

What's hiding in your shower water is often the culprit of many common and severe issues for the hair, scalp and skin. Over 85% of the country is shampooing in hard water, which has an abundance of calcium and magnesium, and nearly 100% of households have water with harsh chemicals and other minerals (even homes with water softeners)!

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