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Wetbrush Treatment Brushes

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WetBrush Pro Treatment Brush Hair treatments are becoming more popular year on year as more people seek to improve the health of their hair, or transform it completely for a new look. The key to an effective, long-lasting treatment is ensuring the application process is as successful as possible. What if there was a brush to make any hair treatment a breeze?

The Pro Treatment Brush is your new right-hand partner on any hair treatment journey. This special brush improves the quality and comfort of any hair treatment, and decreases the time needed to complete it.

Unlike standard WetBrush models, this treatment brush features thick, extended and rounded teeth to deliver treatment formulas from the scalp to the ends of the hair. These teeth also detangle to ensure every hair strand receives the treatment formula. This is all done with zero tugging, pulling, breakage or scratching.

Features the thicker, sturdier handle from the Pro Detangler range – a larger cushion area and an overall thicker design for more intense detangling. EasyGrip™ handle features thicker silhouette, grooved lines for excellent grip during sessions and finger cut-outs at base of cushion for diverse handle positions. Handle also features tight lock technology to secure it further. This gives more control and comfort even when hands are wet.

Key Benefits:

  • Drainage holes extract excess water and extend the life of the brush
  • Effective detangling and distribution allows you to use less product per treatment
  • Does not scratch or irritate the scalp
  • Reduces hair shedding
  • Can be paired with any hair treatment
  • Thick teeth improve hair volume so treatments look and feel much better
  • Suitable for all hair types