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August 2021 Lockdown update.

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would shoot off an email due to the lockdown.
As you may all be aware we are closed at the moment and have hopefully contacted all that have been booked in this week. If we have missed you please call us on the salon mobile or via email.

I do have a feeling that we may be in lockdown for longer, if we are we will contact you via text message from the salon mobile phone number (which is available on our website).
Please if we do contact you we do ask you for your patience with rebooking, we know you have waited a long time already for your appointment.
Unfortunatley this is out of our control and we will do what we can humanley possible, without making ourselves sick and over worked.

If you did pay a deposit and prefer to cancel we will refund your deposit for you (unless you ask us to keep it for when you do reschedule. If this is the case please when rescheduling please email us or text us so you don't pay another deposit).

At the moment online bookings have been turned off, to allow us more spaces to rebook you and just incase the lockdown goes for longer.

If you need products, please order online and we will organise a day that i can go once to the salon and post them (or if lockdown is extended i will organise a day for local pick up, in this case please choose local pick up and i will contact you the day that i have organised).

When we do open back up and masks are required, if you have a medical exception (as per Dr Young's statement https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=TiclKvY63wk) we will not ask you to wear one, but this will be a trust situation, that we will trust that you do have a medical exception. But in saying that if you are sick (whether you feel ok to come or not) you MUST stay at home and cancel your appointment otherwise you will have to wear a mask.

I think that is it.
I know it is a hard time at the moment and will be harder if the lockdown is extended, i know.
I do wish you all the best till we see each other in salon again.
please as they say: stay at home (no matter what your beliefs are).

Please feel free to contact us.

thanking you